Making Of SpaceBulls

OK i thought it would be time to start a new post...
I'd like to talk about the spacemovie creatorscup is making right now - for already 2years. I'm sure it'll take us some more time.
As you've seen in an earlier post we have built our own greenscreen, which we were of course using for this movie.
At the moment we are at a stage where we have a developed concept, a script, a storyboard, we have already recorded the actors in the greenscreen (08), we have some nearly finished 3D models of the spaceships, we have already some background art, we have some sound effects, we have some filmmusic, we have a raw cut of the dialogues, we don't have anything finished, we don't have animation, we don't have rendering, we don't have anything I haven't thought about yet.

Anyways to boost our motivation i'd like to post some sketches I used to make the storyboard. I'll update this post with more material whenever we manage to get something done :)
Moral support and productive support (if you are interested) are greatly appreciated.

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